Our Story:

It was May 2014, feeling exhausted, yet accomplished after successfully pulling off a clambake in the backyard of a family member, that I decided to open my own food business. After many jobs and lots of volunteering, I realized the one thing that was worth getting out of bed at 3:00 am for, besides my three boys (and husband), was serving people healthy, delicious food! 

Many years ago, I decided to cook wholesome, made-from-scratch meals without preservatives or additives to help alleviate symptoms of autism in two of my boys. During this process, a true love for food combining began. I found simple pleasure in putting food on the table that not only tasted great, but looked amazing as well. People eat with their eyes!

As my boys grew older and were actually at the point of cooking some of their own meals, I began the true research to start my own business. Lunch is my favorite meal of the day and I focused on that. Boxed lunches became the new passion. Once the business plan was in place (the business plan that has changed 1000 times!), it was time to execute. I found a kitchen owned by great entrepreneurs that understood my drive and desire to build a great business, and they took a chance on me to lease their commercial kitchen space. I then hired my first employee - a great friend of mine - and we were off to the races!

I remember my husband saying many years ago that people would be ordering everything online and I didn’t believe him - yet, here we are, building websites for people to order food online! However, we quickly realized one major problem. You need publicity. I hired my next employee who had just graduated from college with a marketing degree and a passion for the food business. The perfect match. 

As people enjoyed our lunches and we started serving offices who found value in serving their employees lunch everyday, we were asked to package our meals for people to heat and eat for dinner with their families. I was intrigued by this, so I started researching meal delivery services. Learning there was a huge trend on the east and west coast, we decided that Bentos needed to be a part of that!

We found the food delivery business to be a scalable model and we could get food to everyone that wanted it! We launched BENTOSgo and built yet another website. The reception was amazing and the concept was solid. As we grew, we hired our first chef and the meals and systems started to come together. 

Before long, competitors started joining the scene, which is how we came to know Crystal, the founder of Fare & Square (FAS). After a few lengthy discussions, and plenty of hard thought, Bentos and FAS decided to join forces. Fare & Square is now an owned subsidiary of Bentos Lunch, LLC. We will continue to offer our meal delivery service under the Fare & Square name, while offering our other services under the Bentos name. Bentos and FAS has been working as a team for 6 months to make this decision. 

We are excited to share our brand new website with more selections of meals and sides where you can customize your order. You will see differences in a few areas including saved customer log in (including order history), gift cards, a convenience fee on small orders (no minimum orders!) and an increase in the individual meal pricing on some items. We hope you appreciate our transparent pricing as we make this transition. Costs keep rising but the quality of the food and attention to detail will not change. Order dates will remain the same as well as delivery day and times.

We have an exceptional team that is here to serve you! Stay posted on our new website at www.fareandsquare.com for our formal introduction to the team, which includes three phenomenal chefs! We will increase our communication via Facebook and Instagram with videos and news about what is going on with Fare and Square (i.e. Bentos). You will actually be able to view some of your meals being shopped for, chopped, cooked, and packaged!