Who Made It Best?

Last week we hosted a cooking challenge as part of a corporate team building experience held at The Commissary

We had to create a menu of four items: 

  • Chorizo Stuffed Chicken with Queso Blanco
  • Fire Roasted Poblano Enchiladas
  • Jicama and Peach Salsa
  • Guacamole

Then we had the group of people split into teams of three or four and handed each group a different menu item. Their goal was to taste the item, and then recreate it as a team. The team with the final product closest to the original would win.


Overall we were greatly impressed by the group's effort! We were around to offer advice or help, but we were barley needed. The final products were as good (or even better...shh!) as our original menu items, and it seemed as though everyone had a great time!

The best part of the experience for us, was seeing how proud each person seemed to be of their final dish. Most of these people were not cooks and it was awesome to get to share our passion with them, and see it really bring them together!