The Governor's Mansion


We catered a meeting at the Governor's Mansion this morning.

Lush, perfect gardens, incredible woodwork, intricate detailing on the ceilings - literally every inch inside and out was beautiful. It was our first time ever going there, and it left both of us in awe. 

It's located in Bexley and we spent a solid ten minutes driving through the neighborhood gawking at the incredible homes - trying our best to pretend we belonged there in our adorable (yet ridiculous) branded delivery van. 

And let's face it, we both decided, "yeah, we could live in a mansion." 

It wasn't a traditional catering, but instead it was a drop-off hot catering. We prepped a little bit in the kitchen, placed the food out and got to go back to work. 


While there, we learned that the governor in fact does not live there, but will hold/attend meetings there, and there is an apartment for him and his family on the second floor if they do decide to stay the night there. 

We brought with us a plethora of delicious, spring inspired breakfast items, as well as coffee from Stauf's.