The Ever Changing Menu

Since switching over to re-heatable meals, we've gone through a lot of menu items.

Like a lot a lot.

And we've tested them, and re-tested them, and gotten rid of things, etc. It's been sort of a grueling process of making food and eating food - but I mean, if someone has to do it, it may as well be us ;).

One item that has remained popular is our Mmaple-dijon Pork with Rosemary (and yes, we noticed that typo in 'maple' but we feel like it's fitting, so we're keeping it). 

The meal itself is incredible. This issue was the sides to the meal. We had roasted potatoes, but couldn't agree on what else to serve with it.

We had artichokes, which proved to be pretty unexciting. Then we tried broccoli, but a bunch of our meals come with broccoli and we know you can only handle so many varieties of broccoli before you never want to eat broccoli again. hit us. The perfect accompaniment. Creamy, cheesy, nutmegy, spinach. Seriously. 

You all should go order some because you won't regret it.