Bentos Gives Back

From the start of Bentos Lunch, we have received kindness and generosity from so many people, and though we cannot say thank you enough, we try our best to pay that kindness forward.

Over the summer we put a catered meal up for auction to help raise funds for the Special Olympics. It turned out to be quite a success (pictured above)! We catered another beer and wine tasting that was donated as well - how cute is Shannon there? 

This summer we had the privilege of working with LBrands to raise money for Pelatonia, by donating 10% of all profits earned to LBrands fundraising efforts, helping them earn upwards of $4.4 million!

We also helped the Shane Center for Therapeutic Horsemanship raise over 5,000 in critical funding for their grass roots non-profit organization by donating meals in their raffles. The money goes toward taking care of the horses that help improve the quality of life so many people with disabilities through innovative equestrian activities. 

In addition to the larger donations and events, we also like to give back in our day-to-day activities. Each time we grocery shop (which is typically multiple times a day, ha!) we donate to the food pantry. It feels nice to know that for all that we have been given, we can give back too, even if it is little by little.